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Your child’s tooth, and sometimes cheek, lip and tongue, will normally be numb for at least 2 hours. Often, children are not use to how local anesthesia feels, and may chew, scratch, suck, or play with the numb lip, tongue, or cheek. These actions can cause minor irritations or they can be severe enough to cause swelling and abrasions to the tissue. It is wise to try and reframe from feeding your child while they are numb. If feeding is necessary, keep your child on a liquid or soft diet until the anesthetic has worn off.


Your child should continue to bite down on the cotton he or she is given after an extraction for 25-30 minutes after leaving the office. Activity may need to be limited.

Your child should not drink with a straw for the next few days following an extraction. In addition, your child should maintain a soft diet until the affected area heals and your child experiences no pain while eating.

Your child’s gums may be sore around the extraction site. Minor bleeding is normal during the days following the extraction, as the affected area begins to heal. Swelling after an extraction is also not uncommon and should not cause alarm. If this occurs, apply an ice pack for 15 minutes on and 15 minutes off as needed in the 24 hours following tooth removal.

A clean mouth heals faster. Gentle brushing around the extraction site can be started immediately along with warm salt water rinses (1/4 teaspoon to a glass of water) to aid with any discomfort.

Fillings and Crowns:

Some restorations go under the gums, which can cause discomfort. Within a few days, the gums will heal. It is important to softly brush around the new fillings and/or crowns in order to ensure proper healing.


Sometimes your child will need a deep cleaning that goes under the gums. In this instance, your child may experience mild discomfort after the cleaning. Until the discomfort stops, we recommend that your child rinse the affected area with warm salt water 2 to 3 times a day.

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